Introduction to “Speaking Truth To Power”

In this unit we will continue the course theme and add to it the study of the English language. In the next few weeks we’ll also be exploring English as a world language through some lyrics. First thing, we’ll look at some of the social, cultural, historical and linguistic diversity of English through songs that “speak truth to power”. Tonight look down this list and tick a few songs (2-3) you might be interested in looking at further.Listen to them.

Tomorrow during class you will decide on your song (and another song from your own musical library). We’ll look at these works employing Adlerian analysis to compare and contrast them in terms of : ■Details ■Context ■Significance ■Meaning (more on this during class) We want to construct a map of the English speaking world using its songs as a way in.

We’ll talk more about the comparative analysis tomorrow.

Week 34/35- Songs in context

Week 36/37-Presentations

Week 39-Short Song Analysis

Week 39-Short Reflection on the Unit


Eine Feste Berg— A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Rivers of Babylon- ska version

The Times They Are A Changing

This Land Is Your Land

Get Up, Stand Up

Ye Jacobites By Name

Sam Hall

Highland Widow’s Lament


Running Up That Hill

Bury Me Not on the Lone Prarie

Some Kinda Love

Respect-Aretha Franklin

Respect-Otis Redding

Pastures of Plenty

Free Nelson Mandela

We Shall Overcome



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