For next class, please look at the details of the lyrics in of your song and write a one paragraph (250 words max) analysis of these songs as poetry. I want to know what you know about the analysis of literature, but don’t overdue it; this is only a homework assignment. Be ready to share your paragraph with your classies and turn it in.

Running Up That Hill: Fabian, Sara, Phillippa, Moa

Free Nelson Mandela- Åke, Maria, Amin, Melan, Erik

Respect (Aretha): Elina, Kristian, Jakob

Respect (Otis): Andrea

The Land Is Your Land- Iris,

Greensleeves: Sofia

The Times They Are a Changing- Navita, Paulina, Malin, Antonja

Get Up, Stand Up: Hedieh, Axel K, Axel M, Nils

Sam Hall: Alexandra, Linn, Anna

We Shall Overcome: Daniel P., Nora

By the Waters of Babylon: Frederik

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God: Malte, Indra





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