Letter to Parents for Drottningholm Trip


1st September, 2016

Information about Theatre trip to Drottningholm.

On Friday 2nd September at 18.00 hours there will be a theatre production of The Tempest in the grounds of Drottningholm’s castle. This is a fantastic opportunity to see Shakespeare in performance in English.

The school will pay for the entry to this performance for students, but will not be responsible for the SL payment for getting to and from the production. The trip is not an organized school visit, however, in order to kick start our Shakespeare module in the spring, we felt it would be of value for those who wish to experience Shakespeare in performance. The play should be finished by 21.30 after which the students will make their way home from Drottningholm.

I will meet the students who wish to attend in the school reception at 16.45 and we will travel to the venue together. After the theatre has finished, the students are responsible for getting home themselves.

We hope as many students as possible will be able to attend the performance.

With regards

Jo-Anne Ahlmén

IB Coordinator/English teacher

Kungsholmens gymnasium School 000053


Telefon: +46 (0) 76 8252244


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