Rubric for Verbal Production


Basic Rubric for verbal production:

No basis/Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent  
Not delivered or obviously just “winging it”. Muddled ideas, presentation, argument. Stance of the speaker is confused and confusing. Argument and content unevenly clear in form and presentation. Stance of the speaker is confusing. Mostly clear presentation of content and argument. Stance is recognizable. Clear content and argument presented clearly. Speaker’s stance is obvious. ARGUMENT/ANALYSIS
Lacks confidence in presentation Somewhat confident with lapses Sufficiently confident to present speech well Very confident in both delivery and content CONFIDENCE
Badly organized, confusing, illogical Somewhat organized, but some confusing sections Mostly organized, perhaps one or two lapses in logic Clearly organized from beginning to end with rigorous logic ORGANIZATION
Mumbling whole sections Mostly clear and audible speech with some serious lapses Mostly clear and audible speech Perfectly clear and audible speech VOICE/


Little convincing evidence Some good evidence with many fallacies Good evidence throughout with a few lapses Excellent, compelling evidence EVIDENCE
Read poorly from a prompt Read well from a prompt Memorized with a few lapses Fully memorized and flawlessly delivered MEMORY
No contact with the audience Some contact with the audience with serious lapses Good rapport with the audience with a few mistakes Excellent rapport throughout AUDIENCE AWARENESS
Two or all of them are missing One of the three are missing or very poorly prepresented Ethos, pathos and logos are present Ethos, pathos and logos are all well supported and well balanced ETHOS, PATHOS, LOGOS
Language is inappropriate to the argument. It hinders the audience’s understanding Language is generally supportive of the purpose, but with some lapses. Language does not hinder the argument. Some memorable and/or compelling parts Language matches purpose of the speech. Language is memorable and compelling LANGUAGE


Briefly Explain Your Evaluation





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